THR - Tiny House Revolution Club - Website 3.0

THR WEB 3.0 puts you at the center of the travel experience, providing the travel website with Crypto Rewards that accrue through a blockchain-based tokenomics system.

You will be able to book your Trip with your chosen Cryptocurrency. You will also be able to book your hotels, flights, tours, activites & cars with Crypto.

What THR WEB 3.0 adds to the experience is the ability to pay with any major cryptocurrency, as well as cryptocurrencies listed on the top Decentralized or Centralized Exchanges.

When you pay the full amount of your booking with the THR token you will get an additional discount on the total price and proof of your bookings and travel will gain you access to the Proof of THR NFT program.

You will have exclusive access to events in the real world and the Metaverse as well as THR Travel Club Benefits. Beyond being a provably rare piece of art, the THR Travel Club NFT is the key to unlocking the Tiny House Revolution membership giving them access to a wide range of enhanced travel-oriented benefits.

THR Token

The THR Token is the reward token of the Tiny House Revolution Club platform. THR allows you to


Gain tokens every time you make a purchase in any cryptocurrency on the Tiny House Revolution Club website. Using the THR wallet you spend any currency and receive rewards from 4% to 20% value of the transaction in THR Token form. 3% burned: A reduction in the number of tokens in the economy maintains a deflationary economy.


Unlike loyalty points in other platforms, you truly own your THR Tokens, which are stored on an immutable blockchain ledger. Their value is maintained on the open market, and they never expire.


You don't have to wait to earn THR Tokens by making purchases. You can buy THR Tokens on decentralized or centralized exchanges to earn the rewards.


Holding and staking tokens and liquidty pools allow THR Token holders to accumulate yields on the tokens they hold in their THR wallets.

Our software, Our vacation rental software helps our Joint Venture partner maximize revenue, reduce operational costs, streamline the guest experience, and outperform the competition..

You Will Also Have The Access To Our Innovative And Exclusive In House Hospitality Software Designed To Aid People In Running Their Rentals As Smooth And Efficient As Possible. Here Are Some Of The Functions.

Booking Engine

Inspiring hospitality software to ease communications, automate tasks, and help you get your life bakc.

Tiny House Manager

A beautifully designed planner and a multi-media library to manage everything on any device.

Channel Manager

Fully automated update of all major travel sites: rates, availability, promos, amenities, extras & policies.

Guest Manager

Drag-and-drop mail designer to automate personalised guest communicatios. Collect reviews & preferences.

Performance Manager

Business insights at your fingertips, easy-to-read graphics, invaluable snapshots and an interactive cleaning dashboard.

Owner Manager

Trust accounting with the automatic consolidation of booking, charges and booking fees that you need to pass on to owners.

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House NFT Project.
You will find everything what do you need to know about Tiny Houses Revolution. Please check the video below.


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