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In addition to this, THR NFT holders will also receive royalties from the income generated on the physical builds of their purchased THR designs! Tiny House builds will be available to the public on a short or long term rental basis at our THR Retreat locations.


Rights to the 3D design

THR NFT holders will own the rights to the 3D design of their chosen THR NFT. These 3D designs will also be integrated into the metaverse in the near future!


Luxury Retreat

With Tiny House retreat, we aim to develop and extend the facility and construction of the Tiny Houses that will be available in the 2023 vacation season for holiday rental. You will be able to book a Tiny House for your holidays and have an opportunity to either settle and relax/

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Future Bookings

In addition to two free retreat days, there will also be a whopping 60% discount on any future bookings! As we want to give back to those supporting us and in our tiny houses revolution community, those who purchase out NFT will be invited to our social events free of charge, including our party farm. These events will give us the opportunity to further develop meaningful relationships within our community.


Innovative Products

Holders of our NFT will also be given the opportunity to pre-purchase some of our innovative products, such as our lithium batteries or solar panels, for the manufactruring price. Purchasing our innovative products at manufacturing price could save you up to 80%.



Once we have minted our first 1000 NFT’s, we will be holding a lottery that will see us give  away an actual t iny house build. This tiny house will be personally delivered to your chosen address by Tiny Houses Revolution CEO and founder, Pawel Raczkowski!

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