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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Tiny Houses Revolution NFTs Unique?

Tiny Houses Revolution NFTs differ from the rest as there are multiple utilities that can be added on to the specific design/s you purchase. Utilities include but are not limited to, solar panels, water filtration systems, AI advancements and many more!

How many NFTs will be minted?

The total amount of Tiny Houses Revolution NFTs to be minted are 5000. In the first release, we will drop 100 NFTs. Thereafter, more collections will be dropped every 1-2 weeks.

Will there be more NFTs in the future?

Yes, there will be more NFTs in the future. As Tiny Houses Revolution contuinues to grow, we want our NFT community to expand further into the ambassador community too. This will allow interested individuals the opportunity to "Support-to-Earn" - a model built on the principle of decentralisation. In opening up this opportunity to a wider range of dedicated community members, it will assist in the promotion of the Tiny Houses Revolution platfrom, which will subsequently benefit ambassadors by increasing the prize pool.

What is a Tiny House?

Tiny Houses movement promotes simple living in a small house that is typically no smaller than 80 sq. ft. and no larger than 400 sq. ft.

What are the benefits of a Tiny House?

Smaller homes are less expensive than larger ones in terms of taxes and building, heating, maintenance, and repair costs. The lower cost of living may be advantageous to those with little savings. In addition to costing less, small houses may encourage a less cluttered, simpler lifestyle, and reduce ecological impacts for their residents.

What forms of Eustainable Energy is used in a Tiny House?

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