4 pillars, 4 walls & 4 wheels of the tiny house

Our company has four
main goals

Two songs one story
Blues and Rap meet Tiny Houses.

Live smarter with our
adaptable and innovative modular designs

Our tiny houses can connect together, creating new, innovative living spaces that can be enjoyed in a modular way. By linking these compact homes, you can customize your living arrangements to suit your needs:
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Prototype Tiny Houses with
a Proven Track Record in Construction

We are proud to announce the successful completion of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for our Tiny Houses. Our 7-meter by 2.5-meter Tiny House is fully equipped with a kitchen, shower, toilet, and a 400-liter water harvesting and cleaning system. Our Tiny Houses are perfect for both short and long-term stays, providing a comfortable and convenient living experience.

Transforming the way you
live, with cutting-edge innovations

THR WEB 3.0: The Future of Travel is Here

We are planning to create a new website for the Tiny House Revolution Club with THR WEB 3.0! Our platform puts you at the center of the travel experience, providing a cutting-edge travel website with Crypto Rewards that accrue through a blockchain-based tokenomics system.



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