Can solar panels power a tiny house to make it even more cost-efficient and eco-friendly?

Absolutely! A solar-powered tiny house checks all the boxes, reducing or eliminating those power bills and lowering your carbon footprint. Tiny houses are a great candidate for solar power because the smaller space makes for low power needs. When you shrink your living area down to the size of some people’s living rooms, you have no choice but to zero in on what you really need to live comfortably. In doing so, you also save on the power you consume.

 Living in a tiny house allows you to:

  1. Use only about 7% of the energy consumed in the average traditional home
  2. Consume, on average, 914 kilowatt-hours of electricity versus 12,773 kilowatt-hours in an average traditional house
  3. Reduce your ecological footprint by approximately 45%
  4. Emit only 2,000 pounds of greenhouse gases per year on average, instead of the average 28,000 pounds of traditional homes
  5. Minimize your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional homes
  6. As a bonus, should you ever decide to sell your home, having solar panels will increase its value by a minimum 4%.


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