As a tiny house dweller, you can have multiple toilet options to explore. Here at Tiny Houses Revolution we have a strategy to make our homes as much off-grid as possible so a compost toilet was the easiest, quickest, big step into this. It is a waterless fixture that transforms human waste into compost dirt. You can use it like the regular flush toilet. The only thing is it will store your waste, which you would have to spin from time to time to help the composting process begin and break it down. It works like a garden compost but instead, the goal is to keep moisture out so it diverts your poop and pee into two separate containers. However, you will have to add materials to the composting chamber to eliminate the odor and ensure a faster-composting cycle. These materials can be anything from popcorn, peat moss to sawdust or coconut shavings. You can pack it in a garbage bag and dump it in the trash like a baby diaper or add it to a compost pile for processing.

The mystery around this toilet system due to the lack of much information makes people doubt its performance and think it’s gross. They feel the compost toilet for the house may not be a great solution as it can create a bad smell. But it is not true in today’s systems even in tiny homes. Even if there is little odor, it can resemble the smell of mulch or wood. When you buy a compost toilet for camper or RV or tiny house you don’t need to carry any special toilet paper. This system can break down the toilet paper just like solid waste quickly.



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